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We offer an extensive range of different alarms system components to ensure the safety of your home or business
alike. Here at Alfa Security we feel that offering you more detail of these components you can understand how they work and what they do.
Alarm Systems Components
Ensure your safety with the correct Alarm components
Here at Alfa Security we offer a wide range of high quality Alarm system components to provide you with the protection that you need to feel safe within your home or business within Dublin.
Find out more detail about each component below
Alarm Dublin Personlised system installation to obtain to highest level of protection
Alarm Dublin Suitable for both domestic and commercial application
Alarm Dublin Extensive range of Alarm system components
Alarm Dublin Ensuring the safety to you, your family and even staff
Alarm Dublin Alarm services provided throughout Dublin and the surrounding areas
Alarms Dublin
Door Contacts
Door Contact Detectors are a simple method of detecting intruders or burglars for a property. Door contacts are made up of two different elements, a switch that is mounted on or in the frame of the door and a magnet.

There are two types of Door Contacts:

Flush Door Contacts - The switch is installed within the frame and the magnet is located within the door.

Surface Door Contacts - Installed to the frame and on the door and are simpler/quicker to install than the flush contacts.
Alarms Dublin
A glass-breaking sensor is a type of sensor that is installed in a business or home. The sensor for this system is highly sensitive to particular frequencies of sound. Sound such as, glass breaking and wood cracking.

There are two main types sensors:

Shock sensors - these detect the shock vibrations made by the glass breaking

Acoustic sensors - these detect and are triggered by sound waves
Alarm Dublin
Passive Infra Red Detectors (PIR)
Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion detectors are highly common is motion detection systems, detecting both motion and heat to catch out an intruder.

They have a component that is sensitive to the heat radiation frequencies of an intruder, a specific lens is used to looks at 20 - 30 narrow fields of the protected area of the property.

The system will take a record the temperature of the background, then if there is a change within the temperature it will trigger the alarm.
Alarms Dublin
Vibration Detectors are used to protect the surrounds of windows and doors of a property. They are installed to window or door frame and offer warning that an intruder might be attempting to break into your property.

They detect against violent physical attacks to the window such as, objects breaking the glass or the frame. Vibration sensors allow you set the alarm system of the property even when you are inside, this will allow you to quickly find where an intruder might be trying to gain access to the building.
Alarm Dublin
If you would like to find out more about the alarms and the alarm components that we provide, why not contact us and speak to one of out experts. Here at Alfa Security we are perfectly situation to provide our alarm installation, repair and maintenance services throughout Dublin and the surrounding area.  
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