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Fire Alarms Supplier Dublin
Pin point fire locations
We at Alfa Security are a fire system supplier for Dublin with a team of trusted and professional engineers on hand to ensure a quality installation. We carefully select our systems to make sure that you receive the best results for many years to come with systems that are approved by insurers so to help keep your premiums down.
Addressable Fire Systems
Why choose an addressable system for fire protection?
Fire Alarms Supplier Dublin
Fire Alarm Installer Dublin
Fire System Supplier Dublin
Fire System Supplier Dublin
Fire System Supplier Dublin
Quickly determine where the fire is located
Compared to a conventional system you can pinpoint the location of where the fire is situated within the property with much more accuracy. As a fire system supplier for Dublin, our engineers always look to ensure the best results, time after time.
More reliable than a conventional system
To ensure a more reliable solution, we offer addressable systems as the wiring is created in a loop so if one cable is severed there is another back up cable in place to continue to send information to the control panel.
Efficient installation
With an addressable system it allows one cable loop to connect numerous devices, where as in a conventional alarm system you need a wire for each device. This means that you will require less cabling within the installation throughout the system so ensuring a more efficient installation.
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